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Lemurian Light Being - Alexor

Cynthia Slon has been channeling a Lemurian light being for over 12 years. She met this being on Mt. Shasta.

He introduced himself as Alexor and communicated he was on a Council of beings that had information they wanted to share with humanity.  He asked her if she would be the human conduit to share the wisdom of those gathered.


"How to describe an experience with Alexor?  To me, he is an amazing Being of Light who came to work with and through Cynthia to assist humanity in our evolution.  A master teacher, he is not judgmental, yet is compassionate and, to me personally, a great healer.  He would say that he only assists in my healing.  My soul gives permission for the healing energies to help my body.  Recently, I had a major back issue and was heading for surgery.  It was my greatest desire to not have the surgery but to heal in other ways.  We had some sessions together and I have avoided surgery so far.  It is not that he said to not have surgery---the choice was and is always my own.  In addition, he has given me many practical tips, suggestions and affirmations to help support my life. Both Alexor and Cynthia have helped me in a multiple ways over the years.  I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to have had face to face readings and multidimensional level healings.  Both Cynthia and Alexor help us to help ourselves!  Totally worth it! Zion Kar Omani!!"

Judith M.

“Cynthia and Alexor came into my life approximately 11 years ago, and the channelings with Alexor have changed my life, my patients lives and my students lives in positive and unexpected, delightful ways.  The first time I was invited to an Alexor channeling, I was skeptical since I had not met many intuitives, psychics or channelers who I thought were valid.  I met Cynthia in a group of 10 people, mostly professionals involved in the local medical/nursing school.  She channeled Alexor for 4 hours. The minute that the channeling started, the energy in the room changed to an expansiveness that I had not known before. My eyes filled with tears of relief and joy as I felt Alexor's presence and healing abilities, and experienced them first hand. Each one of us asked 2 questions, and each one had a private healing session with Alexor.  The information that we were given was accurate and clear, exquisitely crafted in word usage.  I came away from that session a changed woman. Since that day many years ago, I have been in several sessions with Alexor: private, groups, workshops and teaching workshops.  Alexor presents answers to individual questions with clarity, truth and eloquence in speech that is unsurpassed. The universal healing energy that arrives with Alexor is a gift in itself, even without all the wonderful information. No question or issue is too small nor too big to ask.  Alexor's messages are delivered with integrity, wisdom and love. I have had private sessions with Alexor that have helped me heal through some difficult health issues that I could not get a "handle on".  His/her insight was invaluable and helped me think more globally and universally into other dimensions and expanded consciousness.  I have sent many of my patients to Alexor to deal with their difficult situations, and all have been changed and received incredible benefits.  I have mentored a group of acupuncture and naturopathic students for the past 10 years.  Alexor has taught them classes on why people get ill, and how to nullify the issues behind the illness to heal, as well as preventative treatments.  Each class was presented precisely in detail. Alexor and counsel represent a universal counsel of wisdom and information beyond our world. Though Alexor speaks in English, some of the discussions with his counsel happens in a universal language beyond our grasp. At the end of an Alexor session, Alexor offers healing to the individual or group via sound toning.  This toning contains raw, universal love and energy to be directed and used in each's highest interest.  The vibrations of the toning are miraculous in themselves. Cynthia has been granted a gift beyond words in her partnership with Alexor. Cynthia Slon is a woman of integrity and honor doing a wonderful service to mankind to bring us this universal wisdom and counsel.  I thank her for this service and who she is as a light worker and universal messenger.”

Love, Light and Blessings,
Ellen Shefi
Licensed Acupuncturist

Courtesy of

​​​​Cynthia Slon


Point of Light book


In Cynthia’s own words:

I met Alexor while hiking Mt. Shasta in California. My life changed completely and miraculously. He appeared to me as a magnificent sphere of light, then manifested into a 14 foot tall being in a human form. His eyes sparkled with infinite divine love. The warmth, love and all-knowing energy emanating from him told of a presence of infinite wisdom that surpassed time and earth plane demonstration. Higher love seemed to be the very fabric of his being. His light body spoke of one which transmuted fear, negativity and limitation.  The telepathic communication between us was an experience of complete wholeness. When he spoke to me, I felt it through every inch of my being, including to the tips of my hair and when I responded, ALL of me participated. It was and continues to be an experience of presence so complete, all is available and possible. For all these years Alexor has answered questions, offered healing toning and spoken in many languages, including his own universal language of pulse and sound. People have shared miraculous healings, life changing revelations, universal knowledge affirmations and most importantly, the feeling they have of empowerment and inner strength within their personal life and wellbeing. The experience of meeting Alexor continues to heal the consciousness, one person at a time...