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Cynthia Slon presented an Author Forum on Saturday, September 9, 2017  2pm-5pm 

New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR 503-224-4929

Watch for future events.

New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon is now carrying Point of Light in paperback. Discover the positive and empowering words this book offers, in doing so experience yourself as a renewed, restored individual from the inside out.


Miriam Knight of New Consciousness Review interviews Cynthia about her new book, Point of Light.

Point of Light is the universe's resonant frequency of perfection traveling through the network of humanity's cellular pathways. She explains what this technique is, how anyone can learn it, how to work with it and how it is changing lives. Click on the link to Radio Interview with Cynthia on Point of Light and enjoy! 

New Consciousness Review

Miriam Knight of New Consciousness Review uncovers the extraordinary journey of soul evolution and the impact it made on Cynthia's life. You are invited to click on the link to Amazing Conversations and join the journey.

BBS Radio
Radio show host: check out Cynthia's radio show, Awakening Matters at bbsradio.com archives to enjoy the wisdom, joy and laughter she shared with spirit and her special guests.